During a recent visit to Brazil, Prof. Mike Wingfield had the opportunity to visit colleagues in the Faculty of Science and Agronomy at the University of São Paulo in Botucatu. More specifically, he had the privilege of meeting with long-standing FABI friends and collaborators Prof. Carlos Wilken, forest entomologist and currently Dean of the Faculty and Forest Pathologist Prof. Edson Furtado.  During this visit that included FABI past Ph.D. student Dr Alvaro Duran (now leading the forest protection team at RGE in Indonesia), Mike was taken on a tour of the new and impressive facilities of the Department of Bioprocessing and Biotechnology.  He was also able to meet with Prof Wilken’s large group of postgraduate students all working on the biological control of forest pests.  Opportunities to extend the collaboration between FABI and UNESP were discussed and will be actively pursued in the coming months.