FABI hosted a three day visit from 9-11 September by Prof. Claudio Maggi from the Universidad de Concepción and Dr Rodrigo Ahumada, Phytosanitary Division Manager at Bioforest.  They plan to establish a similar collaborative partnership between academia and the forestry industry in Chile to address problems with pests and diseases. This will draw on the success that the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) in FABI has had over the past 30 years in partnering with the South African forestry industry. It is also hoped this will drive education and research opportunities for students at the University. Dr Ahumada is a FABI alumnus, having completed his MSc and PhD at the Institute. Their visit included numerous meetings with FABI academics as well as Dr Ronald Heath from Forestry South Africa followed by a visit to the FABI Biocontrol Centre and the Future Africa Campus on the UP Experimental Farm.