Ms Pritty Khumalo

Senior Laboratory technician


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I joined FABI in 2003.I have worked for twenty  years at FABI and during these years I have gained experience in the laboratory and most importantly I have built a name for myself; not only with my core workers but with the students at the University of Pretoria. I have experience in media preparation, quality control, maintaining fungal cultures, samples preparation, extraction and recording, supervision of the Preparation Laboratory, and administration work relating to my job. In my current position I have been successfully supervising teams of students for 15 years. I’m part of the Sirex Biocontrol Project and have been heading the dissections, inoculations and the quality control measures of the project. I enjoy working as part of a team and do so in my current role. I'm also a Health and Safety Representative at the FABI Biocontrol Center. I enjoy the sense of shared achievement and the network of support that is inherent in a team.