Mr Hannes Strydom

MSc student


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Primary Supervisor
Bernard Slippers

I finished my undergraduate degree in Biotechnology, with a focus on genetics. In 2017 I started and completed my honours degree in Bioinformatics with my project entitled "Fungal genome assembly improvement by in silico integration of genetic and genomic resources". The project mainly focused on automating the process of genetic linkage map and genome assembly integration.

In 2018 I was honoured to act as a co-supervisor for a bioinformatics honours project that focused on comparative biology.

My MSc focuses on mathematically modelling the population dynamics of CRISPR Cas gene drive systems in forest pest populations. With an eye on Sirex noctilio and Leptocybe invasa (with an additional beetle species if time permits).

As part of my work stud bursary I help maintain, improve and expand the Forest Insects Mitochondrial (FIMT) Barcode Database website as well as assists other postgraduate students with bioinformatics and computational biology related questions and problems.

As a side project I am helping with the development of the South African Sustainable Development Goals Hub website's article processing back-end.