Prof Abdoulaye Banire Diallo


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My research programme is at the intersection between bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and genomics. developing technologies that empower life scientists in the health and agrigenomics sectors to address important questions by providing algorithms and machine learning methods to detect, study and monitor pathogens in epidemiological surveillance, to include genomic precision in livestock production models, and to model and monitor biodiversity in agriculture and forestry. I also provide Artificial Intelligent -powered technologies to help deliver to life science communities an easy-to-use and integrated genomic informed solutions.

I applied for the NEF Fellowship to accelerate his goal of implementing African genomic programs and technologies across the continent that will fit Africa’s diversity and needs. He has received numerous awards. In addition to the awards listed above, I was awarded the early career UQAM Science Professor Excellence Award in 2016. I received the best paper awards at the Machine Learning and DataMining Conference in 2016. My research is funded by the Discovery Grant of the Canadian Natural Science and Engeneering Research Council (NSERC), Quebec Research Fund in Nature and Technology, Genome Quebec, HIVTrust, and the NIH. I have more than 60 publications and more than 30 guest talks in prestigious institution such as MIT, Harvard, Oxford, UCSF, Institut Pasteur de Dakar and others.