Mr Arné Schreuder


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I obtained my BSc. Computer Science (Hons) Degree, Cum Laude from the University of Pretoria in 2014 and I am currently awaiting my Master’s Degree in Computer Science, focusing on Artificial Intelligence. The topic for my Master’s thesis is: Training Feedforward Neural Networks using Bayesian Hyper-Heuristics. For this I am making a novel contribution by introducing the Bayesian Hyper-Heuristic. I aim to pursue a Phd starting in 2022. I am a technology visionary, academic and businessman with a passion for cutting edge technological solutions. I have a rich career that includes full-stack software engineering with 12 years experience. I love to improve myself as a Computer Scientist and to learn more about the field. I believe software can build the future as we envision it to be.