Mr Nigel Kombora

MSc student


Zoology and Entomology
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Primary Supervisor
Brett Hurley

I completed my BSc Honours in plant pathology at the university of KwaZulu-Natal. My Honours research was focused on the biological control of a post harvest mango pathogen. I’m currently enrolled for MSc in Entomology within the TPCP, under the supervision of Prof. Brett. My current research project focuses on Investigating the impact of defoliation on Eucalyptus dunnii growth using artificial defoliation trials and 3PG (Physiological Processes Predicting Growth). The aim of the study is to use artificial defoliation as an alternative method to natural defoliation trials for quantification of the impact of defoliation to develop thresholds that can be used by forestry managers in making decisions on management of defoliation damage. Furthermore, this study will aim to use 3PG is, a process-based model that will be used as a proxy to estimate the wood volume losses of Eucalyptus dunnii due to leaf canopy losses. This project is a collaborative project between FABI and the ICRF (Institute for Commercial Forestry Research). I will be based at the ICFR in Pietermaritzburg at UKZN for the majority of the time of conducting this project. Dr Ilaria Germishuizen and Dr Benice Sivparsad will be my supervisors at the ICFR.