Ms Nike Grace Hanjelina Sinulingga

PhD student


Zoology and Entomology
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Primary Supervisor
Brett Hurley

Co Supervisor
Mike Wingfield

 I am an Entomologist that have been working in Plant Health Program, Department of Fiber Research and Development (Fiber R&D) of Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), RGE. I play a vital role on development and mass rearing of biological control in APRIL. I am sent to the PhD Program as part of people development by the company.

My research focus on identification, biology and parasitoid of leafroller (Strepsicrates sp.) in Indonesia. Leafroller is a major pest in young Eucalyptus Plantation that can affect the growth and height of the trees. Leafrollers are currently managed by judicial use of chemical control, but we need to incorporate with other control methods to ensure the sustainability of our Forests in Indonesia. 

My PhD advisor is Prof. Brett Hurley and Prof. Mike J. Wingfield at FABI, and Dr. Srikumar Koda Kkadan and Dr. Marthin Tarigan at APRIL.