Ms Eva Muller


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I joined FABI in 2001 with the task of managing the finances of both FABI and the TPCP. Prior to FABI, from 1995-1998, I was responsible for the financial administration of Brenda Wingfield's research group at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein.

FABI is my second home, where I have various tasks. My main focus is the financial administration of the TPCP (Tree Protection Co-operative Programme), which includes the sourcing of products, obtaining quotes, and buying, invoicing and receiving money. I also work very close with the finance department with respect of financial reports, journal requests and queries of a financial nature. Furthermore, I am responsible for admininstering bursary payments and other student related requirements. Smaller tasks vary from managing alterations to renovations of the FABI facilities, and overseeing general maintenance of equipment and buildings.

I was born and raised in Switzerland, married to a Swiss and we have three children. If I am not at FABI, I like to be at home, with my larger family, reading or trying some gardening.