Quambalaria leaf and shoot blight

Quambalaria leaf and shoot blight
Quambalaria eucalypti

Sporothrix eucalypti (M.J. Wingfield et al. 1993) and Ramularia (De Beer et al. 2006).

Quambalaria eucalypti causes leaf and shoot blight on susceptible Eucalyptus spp. Lesions are often produced on actively growing shoots and young leaves, resulting in shoot malformation and leaf distortion. Heavy infections can cause shoot death, leading to loss of apical dominance and stunting. May also cause sunken black cankers on the stems (Roux et al. 2006). Under humid conditions, white spore masses form within the lesions.

Quambalaria is a basidiomycete that is a part of the Quambalariaceae, a unique family in the order Microstromatales. It is part of the smut fungi group (Ustilaginomycota). Quambalaria eucalypti infects the shoots, leaves and stems of Eucalyptus causing lesions and producing characteristic white powdery spore masses (Roux et al. 2006).

Infection by Q. eucalypti begins on young leaves and stem tissue. Conidial germination is triggered by high humidity, with penetration occurring via the stomata or wounds on the leaf surface or juvenile stems. Chlorotic spots develop within five days of infection, with necrotic lesions developing on leaves and new shoots in as little as seven days. Conidiophores and conidia can be present (as powdery white spore masses) on the shoots of infected plants approximately 14 days after infection. Quambalaria eucalypti has a rapid disease cycle (Pegg et al. 2009).

1987 (Wingfield et al. 1993)
KwaZulu Natal, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.
Eucalyptus hybrids, E. nitens and E. grandis . (In Australia, Corymbia species are highly susceptible to the sister species Q. pitereka).


Infection on young shoots
White spore masses on leaves
Leaf and shoot blight

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