Bacterial wilt and dieback

Bacterial wilt and dieback
Erwinia psidii
Vascular wilt

Symptoms include a vascular wilt which leads to shoot and branch dieback (Coutinho et al. 2011; Arriel et al. 2014). Small canker can develop and are associated with blisters below the young actively growing green bark (Coutinho et al. 2011). Lesions are also present on the leaves and are surrounded by a distinct halo (Coutinho et al. 2011).

The biology and life cycle is poorly understood. In the study by Coutinho et al. (2011) the disease was only observed on young trees (6 months to 2 years).

Brazil on guava (Neto et al. 1987)


Epsidii internal discolouration
Epsidii blisters
Epsidii dieback