Eucalyptus gall wasp

Eucalyptus gall wasp
Ophelimus maskelli
Leaf gall forming

Small, blister-like galls on either side of eucalypt leaves (Protasov et al. 2007).

A small wasp between 0.83 and 1.07mm. The most distinguishing characteristic is the single seta on the submarginal vein. Other diagnostic features include that the mesoscutum midlobe and scutellum have two pairs of setae, the antennae have four anelli and one furnicular segment and the length of the anelli and funicle are less than the length of the club (Protasov et al. 2007).

Ophelimus maskelli is a uniparental leaf galler. Adult O. maskelli oviposit into the leaf blade of eucalypts, one female can lay an average of 109 eggs and each egg induces a gall. Larvae develop and pupate within the galls, from which the adult wasps emerge. Three generations per year have been reported from Israel (Protasov et al. 2007, Burks et al. 2015).

2014 (Bush et al 2016)
Gauteng, Northern Cape


Adult wasp
Galls of Ophelimus maskelli
Heavily infested lower branches