On Thursday Nanette Christie (née Coetzer) gave her PhD prestige seminar and subsequently passed her PhD oral examination. The topic of her PhD was Transcriptional regulation underlying the quantitative genetic response of maize to grey leaf spot disease, and her supervisors were Profs Dave Berger and Zander Myburg. One of her examiners was the "inventor" of genetical genomics, and another was one of the first to publish its application to plants.
Nanette has supported a number of students and research projects in terms of bioinformatics, microarray and statistical analysis in FABI and other Departments, and we acknowledge these contributions. Congratulations Nanette!  We look forward to you developing your academic career, and working with you in future.

Coetzer N, Myburg AA, Berger DK. (2011) Maize microarray annotation database. Plant Methods 7(31) 10.1186/1746-4811-7-31