Postdoctoral Fellow


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I obtained my undergraduate degree in BSc Financial Mathematics at the University of Pretoria in 2005, whereafter I became a BSc Honours and subsequently an MSc and PhD graduate in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Unit at the University of Pretoria. During these years (2006-2014), I worked under supervision of Prof D.K. Berger in the Molecular Plant-Pathogen Interactions (MPPI) research group. 

My PhD project was part of a collaborative project on the genomics of quantitative disease resistance to Grey leaf spot (GLS), caused by the fungus Cercospora zeina, in African maize varieties. The main objective was to exploit maize gene expression data to dissect the quantitative disease response to C. zeina infection. The project addressed the hypothesis that there is an underlying DNA polymorphism that gives rise to a change in gene expression, which in turn affects GLS disease severity. The outcomes of this study were: i) the development of a systems genetics strategy and ii) several hypotheses of maize transcriptional responses to C. zeina which need to be validated with further studies. The results extended the current knowledge of GLS resistance and could aid in the improvement of maize varieties.

I joined the Forest Molecular Genetics (FMG) Research Programme in August 2014 as a Postdoctoral researcher. My current research focusses on understanding the transcriptional control and the identification of regulatory gene networks underlying wood quality and disease resistance traits in Eucalyptus trees. This involves the application of advanced data analysis tools on large genomics datasets across many individuals in breeding populations, thus using statistical genomics and bioinformatics approaches. 

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