Dr Quentin Guignard participated in a live radio interview on SAFM recently where host Stephen Grootes spoke to him about his research work conducted as part of his PhD research. Quentin was the winner of a writing competition held by The Conversation in conjunction with the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB) in 2020. This resulted in a recent publication of an article “Why I am testing what invasive insects can see and the smells they like” on The Conversation’s website. Following the publication of this article online, Quentin was approached to take part in a short radio interview to explain the significance of his research on SAfm’s flagship show, SAfm Sunrise. Quentin explained what are pheromones and how he identifies them, and why this work is important for South Africa.

Listen to Quentin’s interview by clicking here

(This link takes you to the station's podcasts then search for his talk "Testing what invasive insects can see and the smells they like" broadcast on 21 September)