During the past week the first National Research Foundation (NRF) ratings for 2014 were released. Several FABI staff members were up for review in this year's cycle. Although the review process for 2014 is not completed, and some more results are pending, the four FABIans whose ratings were released this week are (in alphabetical order):
Dr Irene Barnes - Y1
Dr Wilhelm de Beer - B2
Prof Gerhard Pietersen - C1
Prof Emma Steenkamp - B3
We congratulate these members on these ratings and are looking forward to those still to be announced. A list of all NRF rated researchers at the University of Pretoria is available from the UP website, but has not yet been updated with the 2014 results.
For those not so familiar with the NRF rating system, definitions of the rating categories can be found here. Furthermore, Prof Brenda Wingfield, acting dean in the UP Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, recently published a commentary on the rating system in the SA Journal of Science. A pdf of the article is available here.