It is with great sadness that we heard of the untimely death of Dr. Robert Bauer from the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany. Robert was an authority on the systematics and ultrastructure of Basidiomycota, especially the Ustilaginomycotina and Pucciniomycotina and was one of the leading figures in the modern revision of the systematics of the Basidiomycota. Robert co-authored several publications with FABI researchers on the systematics of the Quambalariaceae, Microbotryomycetes, and Ustilaginomycotina. Our thoughts are with his family.

Below a list of publications co-authored by Robert and colleagues in FABI:

De Beer ZW, Begerow D, Bauer R, Pegg GS, Crous PW, Wingfield MJ. (2006) Phylogeny of the Quambalariaceae fam. nov., including important Eucalyptus pathogens in South Africa and Australia. Studies in Mycology 55:289-298

Schäfer AM, Kemler M, Bauer R, Begerow D. (2010) The illustrated life cycle of Microbotryum on the host plant Silene latifolia. Botany 88(10):875-885

Begerow D, Schäfer AM, Kellner R, Yurkov A, Kemler M, Oberwinkler F, Bauer R. (2014) Ustilaginomycotina. In: The Mycota - Systematics and Evolution. McLaughlin DJ, Spatafora J. (eds). Springer: Berlin Heidelberg. pp 295-329.