The Northern Gauteng Orchid Society (NGOS), is a community of orchid growers and enthusiasts based in Pretoria. The NGOS was founded in 1967 and is the country's fourth-oldest orchid society. NGOS members meet monthly to discuss orchid culturing and display their blooming plants.

Dr Ariska van der Nest, a postdoctoral researcher at FABI, as well as a member of the NGOS core committee invited Dr Tanay Bose (Postdoc, FABI) to present a talk on the "mycorrhizal diversity associated with orchids in South Africa" as part of the society's monthly seminar series.

Dr Bose is a member of the team led by Prof. Almuth Hammerbacher that investigates mycorrhizal diversity associated with endangered and endemic South African orchids such as Brachycorythis conica subsp. transvaalensis and Habenaria barbertoni. His talk presented the outcomes of studies conducted by two postgraduate students from the group, Ms Modjadji Makwela and Ms Tiphany Nkomo.