Professor Cobus Visagie visited Prof. Naresh Magan and Dr Angel Medina-Vaya at the Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute (Cranfield University) from 3-10 April. The visit formed part of a FLAIR Collaboration Initiation Grant funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund administered by the Royal Society. Discussions, amongst many other topics, were focused on establishing a collaborative effort and develop proposals to explore the effect interacting abiotic conditions have on mycotoxin production by fungal communities. We look forward to hosting and continue discussions with Prof. Magan in August when he visits FABI and will present at the SASPP2022 conference in Pretoria in August.

The visit coincided with the 125th British Mycological Society meeting hosted at Cranfield University. The meeting, held across four days, was attended by both professional and amateur mycologists, including local and international speakers dealing with a variety of mycological topics. Among them, was Prof. Cobus Visagie who presented a seminar titled “Exploring the diversity of mycotoxigenic fungi in South Africa”.