On 21 April, the FABI TREE House welcomed special guests Up&Out for its last session.

The TREE House was designed as a safe space for FABIans to learn and share their experience with various topics revolving around inclusion, equality, and social change. During the monthly events, attendees discussed topics such as hierarchy in the workplace, neurodiversity, microaggression and gender-inclusive language.

During the last meeting, the TREE House was proud to welcome members of Up&Out, a student-led LGBTQ+ community from the University of Pretoria. Many FABIans joined to listen and learn from the guests. The attendees had a chance to hear about gender-neutral bathrooms, the disclosure of pronouns in email signatures, the history and meaning of the many pride flags and the concepts of gender and sexual identities.

Up&Out was represented by five volunteers, Cameron Rodrigues, Kate Montieth, Rayne Boardman and Kherina Narotam, chairperson and Saturn Palavar, secretary of the organisation. The members brought an unmatchable enthusiasm and a youthful energy to this meeting. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to make this last session a success.