On 20 October, FABI launched a new project called the TREE House (Trust. Respect. Equality. Engagement). This initiative aims to create a safe space for all FABIans to discuss social issues and to make FABI a more inclusive place. The TREE House will meet monthly and welcomes all FABIans in any capacity, from students and research fellows to staff and research leaders. Dr Joséphine Queffelec moderates the sessions with the help of Social Club leader, Leandri Klynsmith.

The first meeting of the TREE house focused on creating a social agreement for the group to guarantee that all participants feel safe and heard. During this fruitful first discussion, the 11 participants put forth 10 guidelines centered around respect and understanding.

On 24 November the second session focused on hierarchy. The participants were invited to reflect on solutions to prevent the FABI hierarchy from inhibiting fruitful discussions in the TREE House. They concluded that while titles and seniority exist, opinions and experiences should all be equally valued.

The first two sessions have been very successful and were characterized by an enthusiastic and organic atmosphere that reflected the participants’ will to learn and grow as a team.

The TREE House will take a break in December but will resume its activities in January 2022. The theme of the third session will be the use of pronouns in official communications. FABIans who are interested in learning about this subject are welcome to join either to listen or to share their own experience.