Seiridium canker on Cypress (Cupressus species) trees is caused by one of a number of fungal species in the genus Seiridium. The disease is common in South Africa where cypress trees are commonly planted in gardens, on road sides and especially in cemeteries.  The disease results in the trees having dead and dying tops and branches, looking scraggly and eventually dying. In a project together with Prof. Mike Wingfield and Prof. Brenda Wingfield, Dr Janneke Aylward is undertaking intensive studies to better understand the disease, the Seiridium spp. that cause it and how they are moving in South Africa and elsewhere in the world.  This involves collecting specimens widely in the country, and in the case of the last week, sampling dying trees on the Hatfield campus of the University of Pretoria.  Photographs included in this news item capture some of these activities.