The International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP), organised by the International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) is the single most important international event focused on plant pathology and plant health. These congresses, have been held every five years since 1963 and the latest (the 12th ICPP) was hosted by the French Plant Pathology Society in Lyon held from 21-25 August.  Approximately 40 South African plant pathologists attended the congress and of these 19 were from FABI, including Director Prof. Bernard Slippers.  FABI academics and students were very evident at the meeting, with many posters and presentations on their work. Some highlights for the group were Dr Jane Chepsergon, postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Lucy Moleleki receiving a Best Poster Award, Prof. Brenda Wingfield ending a five-year term as Secretary General of the ICPP and Prof. Teresa Coutinho being welcomed as the incoming Secretary General. Prof. Mike Wingfield was also awarded Fellowship of the ISPP, the highest award conferred on a member of the Society.