On 20 September 2023, the GRP@FABI extension officer, Lawrence Mataha attended the Grain SA Day of Celebration at NAMPO Park in Bothaville. This was to celebrate the launch of Phahama Grain Phakama (PGP), a Grain SA farmer development programme that focuses on farmer training and skills development in changing and challenging climatic conditions. The event also served to celebrate and honour farmers who have performed particularly well in the past season.

The GRP Diagnostic Clinic would like to congratulate all farmers for a job well done. A special mention goes to our close collaborators and nominees for the New Era Commercial Farmer of the Year, Petrus Tsotetsi and Luvuyo Mbutho, as well as the winner of the 2023 New Era Commercial Farmer of the Year award (a brand new tractor sponsored by John Deere Financials), William Raphoto. We would also like to congratulate all Grain SA officers and coordinators for their dedication and hard work in ensuring food security in the country and globally. The summer grain season is upon us and our GRP Pest and Disease Extensions and Diagnostic Clinic is ready to help keep the grain healthy and productive through 2024.