Many FABIans will be taking a well-deserved break during the December holiday period to recharge their batteries before the start of the new academic year. It has become a tradition in FABI, under the encouragement of FABI Deputy Director, Prof. Fanus Venter, to host a Monday Morning Book Club at the end of the year where FABIans can share with others those books they have read the past year that they really enjoyed or made an impression on them. On Monday morning, 20 November several FABIans again selected several books to share with the FABI community during the weekly Monday Morning Meeting and perhaps help others decide what books to add to their reading list. The list was, as usual, quite varied and also included two books that have been adapted to series or movies; but, Prof. Venter was quick to point out, the book is always better than the movie or series! FABIans were also encouraged to make use of the book exchange libraries in the Sequencing Facility on the third floor of the FABI Square building or the one in the foyer of the NAS building.

Book list 2023:

Rutger Bregman: Human kind: A hopeful history.

Steven Pinker: Rationality: What it is, why it seems scares, why it matters.

Nicholas Turland The Code decoded: A user’s guide to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants.

Yuval Zommer: The big book of blooms.

Bonnie Garmus: Lessons in Chemistry

T. Kingfisher: Nettle and bone.

Anthony Doerr: All the light we cannot see.

Freida McFadden: Psychological thrillers library.

Rudie van Rensburg: Hans steek die Rubicon oor. (Afrikaan novels)

Richard Osman: murder mystery novels.

Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games: The ballad of songbirds and snakes.