During various previous visits to Florida, FABIan Prof. Mike Wingfield has, together with various colleagues surveyed Eucalyptus trees for diseases. One of particular interest has been Cryphonectria canker.  his current sabbatical leave based at the University of Florida in Gainesville has provided an opportunity to reconsider which species of Cryphonectriaceae occur on Eucalyptus in the area. This forms part of a larger global project to produce an updated monograph on these fungi and to further consider their global importance. While Eucalyptus trees are not commonly planted in Florida, there are a number of trial plantings available for survey. Thus, two field trips, including FABI’s Prof. Brenda Wingfield and Dr Nam Pham, have been undertaken together with various University of Florida colleagues. Typical symptoms of Cryphonectria canker have been found on Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus amplifolia, and a substantial collection of cultures have been made. These are currently being subjected to DNA sequence analysis for further identification and study.