In a joint effort, staff and students again showed that many hands make light work at the year’s first TPCP-CTHB Tree Planting Day. Some 60 pairs of hands pitched in to replant about 1 600 Acacia mangium seedlings in bags, as well as do some general cleaning and housekeeping around the FABI nursery facilities at the Experimental Farm. 

Everyone swapped their labcoats for shovels, secateurs, wheelbarrows, trolleys and brooms to ensure the tasks were finished by lunchtime. The seedlings were grown from seed brought in from Indonesia and will be used in various research projects in FABI under the auspices of the TPCP-CTHB.

The Tree Planting Day is a team building exercise as much as a time saving effort by the FABI staff under the watchful eye of Dr Wilhelm de Beer. Everyone was treated to sodas and snacks before tucking into pizza supplied as reward for their hard work. And then after the previous day's perfect rainbow over the nursery (see picture) they all received a piece of gold!

More photos here.