After the success of the first DuPont Plant Breeding Symposium hosted in 2014, the University of Pretoria will again be hosting the symposium on 29 September 2015. This event, sponsored by DuPont, is organised in collaboration with students from the University. FABIan David Nsibo chairs the student organising committee, while Prof. Dave Berger of the Department of Plant Sciences is one of the three symposium co-ordinators.

 The topic for this year’s symposium is "Current innovations in insect resistance management and pest control". Three primary areas of discussion will include: evolution of insect resistance to control measures, chemical and biological control of insects for sustainable agriculture and biotechnology for durable crop resistance. The event will provide an opportunity to learn about the most recent scientific advances aimed at developing durable plant resistance to insects from regional experts in the field.

 All interested participants are invited to register online to attend or to view faculty, industry and student presentations.

 The deadline for Abstract submission is 3 August 2015 and we would like to encourage all FABIans to participate in this symposium. Any questions can be directed to the chairman of the student organising committee, David Nsibo (