The IUFRO Eucalyptus 2015 Conference provided the opportunity to sign an important memorandum of understanding between the China Eucalyptus Research Centre (CERC), an institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) and FABI. This MoU, formally establishing the CERC FABI Tree Protection Programme (CFTPP) was signed by Prof. Yaojian Xie (Director of CERC) and Prof. Mike Wingfield (Director of FABI) at a formal ceremony attended and overseen by Dr. Zhang Shougong (President of the Chinese Academy of Forestry).

The MoU formalises what has been a long-standing collaboration between FABI, CERC and CAF, focused on sharing expertise and opportunities to better understand the health of trees globally. While there is a focus on the health of planted forests, substantial collaborative research is also being conducted on pest and disease problems that threaten the health of trees in natural forests globally. This MoU will provide new opportunities for both teams to leverage funding to promote the study of tree pest problems, including those from national Governments and Universities.