As part of a joint research grant funded under the NRF/JST Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology, Professors Teresa Coutinho and Fanus Venter visited Professor Yuichi Takikawa and his colleagues.  They were accompanied by Ms Gina Shin, a student who recently completed her MSc degree on a topic related to this research grant.  Professor Takikawa is a plant pathologist in the Graduate School of Science and Techology in the Faculty of Agriculture at Shizouka University.  The visit involved a symposium, research discussions with students as well as a field excursion to a wasabi growing area and to the University experimental farm.

Legend to photo:
Left to right:  Profs Takikawa, Furutani, Coutinho, Azegami, Hakato.  Immediately behind Prof. Hakato is Ms. Gina Shin and behind her is Prof. Venter. The remaining members in the photograph are students in the department.