On Friday 2nd December, Prof. Mike Wingfield (Director of FABI) and Prof. Pedro Crous (Director of the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures and adjunct Professor at the University of Pretoria) visited Dr. Tom May, mycologist at the Melbourne Botanical Garden. The purpose of the visit was two-fold. One was to discuss various matters relating to fungal taxonomy globally and specifically in advance of the next International Botanical Congress (2017 Schenzen, China) where key decisions relating to treatment of fungi in the International Code for the Nomenclature of Algae, Fungi and Plants will be made.  A second objective was to inspect particularly Australian Myrtaceae and Proteaceae in this historic garden for fungal pathogens.  This work forms part of the long-term project to compare these fungi in the broader Gondwana region and to better understand biological diversity issues and bio-invasion threats.