FABIans collected warm winter clothes, linen and 135 blankets during the 2017 Annual Blanket Drive, which kicked off in March. Sammy Prinsloo of Akanani, an organisation under the banner of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, collected the winter warmers on 7 June. Based in Burgers Park, the organisation offers holistic support to homeless communities in the Tshwane city centre. Ms Prinsloo said the donation had come at the right time and would help to meet the demand for blankets at this time of the year.

Akanani provides not only food and toiletries to homeless children, women and men in Tshwane, but also referrals to health and legal services. To help homeless people get back on their feet and become independent, Akanani also assists with the processes of replacing lost identity documents and job applications, said Ms Prinsloo.

Staff, students and visitors to FABI contribute to the campaign for blankets and winter woollies every year. Their generous support has benefitted various community outreach organisations around Tshwane in the past.