The interaction of students with scientists could help inspire and shape their future. On 25 July Woodhill College held their annual Science and Life Science Expo for High school students. Thirteen Grade 11 learners stood on stage and captivated audiences with their scientific discoveries; from building and coding cave exploring robots to questioning whether WiFi is killing our plants; the students truly showed potential as future researchers. The evening also provided an opportunity for 24 additional learners from grade 8 to grade 12 to showcase their work during a poster session. Two FABIans, PhD student David Nsibo and MSc student Julanie Stapelberg made up a portion of the panel of judges. With their expertise on robotics, biotechnology, medicinal science and chemistry, the judges aimed to help advise for scientific improvement. Demonstration of current science projects and how to implement them were given by Dr Ndivhuwo Makondo with “Intelligent Robotic Design” and Ms Julanie Stapelberg with “Microalgal Biotechnology”. Hopefully the evening inspired the students to pursue their curiosity and continue contributing to the world of science.