A large group of FABIans participated in the International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) held in Boston (USA) from the 29 July to 3 August. The FABI delegation was led by Prof. Bernard Slippers, Director of FABI and members of the FABI Management Committee including Prof. Lucy Moleleki, Prof. Terry Aveling, Prof. Teresa Coutinho, Prof. Brenda Wingfield, Prof. Mike Wingfield, Dr. Irene Barnes and Dr. Tuan Duong. The ICPP meetings are held every five years and the Boston meeting followed the last meeting (2013) held in Beijing.  The 2018 meeting was hosted by the American Phytopathological Society (APS) and was held in conjunction with the APS annual meeting.  Together with the FABI MANCOM members, the group included approximately 10 postdoctoral Fellows and graduate students.  FABIans presented numerous invited papers and posters and were able to engage actively with more than 2500 plant pathologists from many countries of the world.  These included various other plant pathologists from the University of Pretoria, other institutions in South Africa (see photograph) and an African delegation of approximately 60 researchers.