As President, Prof. Mike Wingfield chaired the meeting of the Board of IUFRO recently held in Corvallis, Oregon (USA).  At the start of the meeting Mike welcomed Oregon State University (OSU) Provost, Prof Edward Feser and made note of the fact that this meeting was the most important of all board gatherings during the 2014-2019 IUFRO Board Term.  This is because the meeting included the need to elect the new leadership including the next President of IUFRO and decide upon the venue for the 2024 IUFRO World Congress.  Attending this meeting provided Mike with the opportunity to visit Dr George Carroll who spent a number of sabbaticals with the TPCP team as well as Prof. Jeff Stone, also a friend to many FABIans.  In addition, he visited with well known mycologist Prof. Joey Spatafora, forest pathologist Prof. Everett Hansen and the forest pathology research team of Prof. Jared LeBoldus, all of the Department of Plant Pathology at OSU.  Jared is pursuing a new research project on black stain root disease, of special interest to Mike and Dr Tuan Duong who has sequenced the genomes of the three varieties of the causal agent.  Thus research collaboration between Jared and various FABI team members was planned.