During the March school holidays, the Plant Pathogenic Bacteria Research Programme hosted a grade 10 learner, Mbali Mogashwa, and a third year BSc Microbiology student, Rose Shabangu for a day. Under the supervision of FABI PhD candidate Ms Khumbuzile Bophela, the two students participated in various experiments to learn techniques commonly used by members of our research group. The experiments included isolating for single colonies using the streak-plate technique, Gram staining and DNA extraction from an onion. The students were also exposed to our other group activities; they got to sit in and listen to Valery Moloto, a PhD candidate at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) affiliated with FABI, give her mock seminar to the group. “Mentorship is more than just transferring of knowledge; it’s also about transforming the lives of those mentored,” explains Khumbuzile.

Overall, the students enjoyed their time in the lab and received the motivation to pursue science-related careers. 

Some of the comments made by Mbali Mogashwa on her social media profile:

-At University Of Pretoria

I'm so enjoying myself


“In the laboratory

Having so much fun with scientists

#future microbiologists”


#the future scientist

Photo caption: Rose Shabangu (BSc Microbiology third-year student at the University of Pretoria), Mbali Mogashwa (Grade 10 learner at Kwa-Manala Secondary School, Allemansdrif, Mpumalanga) and Onkemetsi Moroeng (BSc. Agric. 4th-year student who is currently mentored by Ms Khumbuzile Bophela for her final year project)