The Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) in FABI has a 25 year long history of close collaboration with members of the South African Forestry Industry. Mondi Ltd was one of the founder members of the TPCP and has maintained a very close working relationship with the Programme including funding the Mondi Chair in Forest Pathology with Prof Mike Wingfield as incumbent, for more than 20 years. This week four key members of Mondi's technical department visited FABI to meet with various leaders of the TPCP in order to plan new initiatives aimed at reducing the growing threats due to pests and pathogens. These include opportunities relating to the biological control of insect pests, disease and pest monitoring and the establishment of new disease and pest screening procedures.

In the picture: (Front) Jolanda Roux (FABI), Dean Da Costa (Mondi), Darryll Herron (FABI), Jacqui Meyer (Mondi), Bernard Slippers (FABI).  (Back) Mike Wingfield (FABI), Paul Viero (Mondi), Emma Steenkamp, Casper Crous, and Jeff Garnas (all FABI), Marius du Plessis (Mondi), Marlene Harney and Izette Greyling (FABI).