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Zoology and Entomology
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Ecology and evolution of insects and microbes on native and exotic trees

I am a ecologist, entomologist and evolutionary biologist focused on questions related to insects and fungi that interact with plants, primarily forest trees. I use a variety of approaches and tools, including observational studies, field and lab experiments, modeling and molecular analyses to test hypotheses and search for strong inference in the systems I study. I approach ecological and evolutionary questions using a strong theoretical framework while producing and communicating products that will have applied value to conservation and to land and forest managers. In particular, I am interested in drivers of host use and community overlap among native and exotic tree species, patterns of population genetic diversity in native and introduced insects and fungi, and the role of complex interactions in driving forest insect population and community dynamics.

Increasingly, my work sits at the interface between field ecology and ecological and evolutionary genetics and genomics. I am particularly interested in understanding the patterns and consequences of global invasion of insects and microbes linked to the intentional cultivation of exotic trees, which inevitably results in the creation of novel ecosystems. 

Reconstructing pathways of global spread in the red gum lerp psyllid (Glycaspis brimblecombei) using bacterial endosymbiont genomes and insect population diversity

Determinants of host use and community overlap among insects feeding on African and Australian acacias in South Africa

Implications of cryptic diversity in the Eucalyptus snout beetle (Gonipterus spp.) on the ecology, host plant use and effectiveness of biological control by an egg parasitic wasp (Anaphes nitens)

Population dynamics of invasive European woodwasp (Sirex noctilio) as driven by abiotic variability and community interactions in the larval environment

Endophytic fungal diversity in native and introduced tree hosts (using 454 and Illumina sequencing technology)

Biology, host use and microbial associates of a native wood-boring moth (Coryphodema tristis) on native and exotic trees

Insect and pathogen biodiversity on native pine, with particular focus on native bark beetle-Ophiostomatoid fungi interactions in Central America

ZEN351:  Population Ecology (3rd-year Zoology/Entomology course)

ZEN782:  Plant-Insect Interactions (Honours module; discussion and project-based)

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Book Chapters
Garnas JR, Hurley BP, Slippers B, Wingfield MJ, Roux J. 2016. Insects and Diseases of Mediterranean Forests: A South African Perspective. In: Insects and Diseases of Mediterranean Forest Systems. Paine TD, Lieutier F. (eds). Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp 397-430.
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Morrison EW, Duong TA, Garnas JR. (2024) A high-quality draft genome sequence of Neonectria faginata, causative agent of beech bark disease of Fagus grandifolia. Microbiology Resource Announcements 10.1128/mra.01048-23
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