Mr Bertus van Heerden

MSc student


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Research Profiles

Primary Supervisor
Tjaart Krüger

I am part of the biophysics research group.

My project involves extending the current single-molecule spectroscopy setup in order to perform single-particle tracking, allowing us to study freely diffusing photosynthetic proteins - in solution and eventually in a natural membrane. This is important as it brings us closer to performing single-molecule experiments in-vivo

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Krüger T, Kyeyune F, Botha JL, Van Heerden B, Malý P, Van Grondelle R, Diale M, Krüger TPJ. (2019) Strong plasmonic fluorescence enhancement of individual plant light-harvesting complexes. Nanoscale 11:15139. 10.1039/c9nr04558a