Ms Anien Viljoen

MSc student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Tuan Duong

Co Supervisor
Brenda Wingfield

I joined FABI during my honours (2019) under the primary supervision of Prof Brenda Wingfield and co-supervision of Dr Aquillah Kanzi. My research was focused on assembling and annotating the mitochondrial genomes of species in the fungal family, Ceratocystidaceae. Very little was known about the structure and conservation of the mitochondrial genomes found in this fungal family. 

I am currently doing my Masters degree under the primary supervision of Dr Tuan Duong and co-supervision of Prof Brenda Wingfield and Dr Aquillah Kanzi. My work will focus on speciation genomics in fungi, more specifically what insights can be gained from population genomic analysis in C. fimbriata sensu lato complex and what drives the speciation process in this complex.