Mr Johan F. Griesel

MSc student


Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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Primary Supervisor
Albe van der Merwe

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My name is Johan Griesel. I started my studies in 2014 studying Bsc IT with genetics as a secondary major, yet eventually moved over to studying genetics more directly and completed my Bsc in Genetics and Microbiology in 2020.

My honours project was with Prof gerda fourie in 2021 as part of the macadamia protection program, wherein we are trying to identify a candidate pathogenic fungi to use as a biocontrol against stinkbugs in order to protect macadamia plantations. 

Thereafter, I took a sabbatical year (2022) where I did a postgraduate diploma in Entrepeneurship and Business planning which I was able to pass with distinction, furthermore, I was a part-time ghost writer during this year and uncovered some talent within myself for both creative and research writing as I was able to complete 13 projects during this year. 

Currently, I am doing a masters in Genetics with Prof N. Albe van der Merwe where I am seeking to develop a protocol that will allow for the precise genetic modification of C. austroafricana, a pathogen of Eucalyptus whose inner molecular workings have not been fully explored yet. 

My long term ambitions and passions lie in the field of biotechnology, synthetic biology and genetic manipulation. As I have been fostering dreams in these fields since a young age.