Ms Zimazile Jazi

MSc student


Zoology and Entomology
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Primary Supervisor
Michelle Schroder

Co Supervisor
Brett Hurley

I am a holder of a BSc Hons in Biological Science and an MSc in Crop Protection. Having worked in the field of Plant Health for over 5 years cultivated my research interest in Integrated Pest Management, particularly the use of biological control agents in pest control. The use of biological control agents presents a sustainable method of pest control which protects both the environment and non-targeted organisms.

My current research focus is in the dispersal behavior of an egg parasitoid, Anaphes nitens that targets the Eucalyptus snout beetle Gonipterus sp., an economically important foliage pest of Eucalyptus trees. Understanding the parasitoid dispersal behaviour is key in determining and improving the success rate of biological control release programmes in order to mitigate the recurring outbreaks of this economically important pest. The findings of this study will be key in decision-making on release population density as well as the release points and frequency.