Dr Michelle Schroder

Postdoctoral Fellow


Zoology and Entomology
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Co Supervisor
Johannes Joubert
Primary Supervisor
Zimazile Jazi

Co Supervisor
Martin Maphutseng Mona Mohobo

I am broadly interested in insect ecology and am primarily focused on insect plant interactions of economically important species. During my MSc and PhD studies I investigated various aspects of aphid host plant selection behaviour with the aim to improve integrated pest management strategies to reduce incidence of aphid transmitted viruses. 

My current research aims at improving the biological control of the globally invasive Eucalyptus snout beetle, Gonipterus scutellatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) species complex. Once considered to be a single species, it is now known to consist of 8 cryptic species. Three of these species have become invasive and a single population Anaphes nitens (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae), an egg parasitoids, was introduced to control the pest. Despite the pest being under economic control for over a century, population outbreaks have been observed in recent decades. I have received an Australia Awards Fellowship that enables me to further my research in Australia, the native range of Gonipterus.



Export to RIS
Barten H, Schröder ML, Slippers B, Howe AG, Lawson SA, Hurley BP. (2023) Reproductive compatibility of a newly imported Australian population of the biocontrol agent Anaphes nitens with an existing South African population. Biological Control 187:105403. 10.1016/j.biocontrol.2023.105403 PDF
Johannes Joubert, Benice Sivparsad, Michelle Schroder, Ilaria Germishuizen, Jingyuan Chen, Brett Hurley, Jeremy Allison, Almuth Hammerbacher. (2023) Susceptibility of Eucalyptus trees to defoliation by the Eucalyptus snout beetle, Gonipterus sp. n. 2, is enhanced by high foliar contents of 1,8-cineole, oxalic acid and sucrose and low contents of palmitic and shikimic acid. Plant, Cell & Environment 10.1111/pce.14696 PDF
Schröder ML, Nahrung HF, de Souza NM, Lawson SA, Slippers B, Wingfield MJ, Hurley BP. (2021) Distribution of Gonipterus species and their egg parasitoids in Australia: Implications for biological control. Forests 12:969. 10.3390/f12080969
Schröder ML, Slippers B, Wingfield MJ, Hurley BP. (2020) Invasion history and management of Eucalyptus snout beetles in the Gonipterus scutellatus species complex. Journal of Pest Science 93:11-25. 10.1007/s10340-019-01156-y PDF
Schröder ML, Krüger K. (2014) Preference of aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) for lucerne, maize, soybean and wheat and their potential as prospective border crops for Potato virus Y management in seed potatoes. African Entomology 22(1):144-155.
Schröder ML, Glinwood R, Ignell R, Krüger K. (2014) Visual cues and host-plant preference of the bird cherry-oat aphid, Rhopalosiphum padi (Hemiptera: Aphididae). African Entomology 22(2):428-436.