FABI Research Fellow, Dr Neriman Yilmaz, and her MSc student, Jenna-Lee Price, were amongst 110 researchers from around the world who attended the 3rd ASM joint MYTOX-SOUTH Symposium from 4-7 September, in Stellenbosch. Jenna-Lee Price was awarded one of the five student travel grants offered by the International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM).

The symposium was opened by the current president of the African Society for Mycotoxicology, Prof. Sheila Okoth. The days consisted of plenary talks, parallel sessions, and poster sessions. The sessions covered topics such as: “Intra- and intercontinental partnerships towards mitigating mycotoxins in Africa food and feed value chains”, “Surveillance, mitigation and predicting mycotoxin prevalence”, Health impact of multi-mycotoxins and masked/hidden mycotoxins”, “Managing mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxins”, and “Food and feed processing and technologies to reduce mycotoxin contamination”.

Jenna-Lee Price presented a poster entitled “Fungi and their mycotoxins associated with maize ear rots from emerging maize farms in the Eastern Cape, South Africa”, and Dr Neriman Yilmaz presented her work on “Exploring fungal diversity and their mycotoxins from stored maize in South Africa” as well as a poster entitled “Novel Fusarium species from South African milk farm pastures”, where she won the best poster presentation at the gala dinner on 7 September.