On 22 August, Prof. Rachel Green, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, visited FABI to discuss circadian clock oriented projects at FABI and her own research on plant circadian clocks' role in climate resilience. Professor Green met with Prof. Eshchar Mizrachi, group leader of APSB at FABI to discuss the diurnal rhythms of trees. She spent much time with Dr Nicky Creux and the CFBE team at FABI discussing plant abiotic stress responses and the role of the circadian clock. While, coffee with Prof. Albé Van Der Merwe and his team at FABI resulted in interesting discussions about the function and role of the circadian clock in tree pathogens. A lively open round table discussion was hosted by Dr Creux and Rachel walked the group through her work on plant circadian clocks and their role in adaptation and resilience to abiotic stressors. This was a wonderful event that left FABI students and staff excited and ready to explore circadian clocks more deeply in their own research.