FABI hosted the Annual General Meeting of the Sporidesmin Induced Liver Disease (SILD) Programme on 19 October. The event, chaired by Dr Neriman Yilmaz, provided a dynamic platform for collaboration between Milk SA's Board and UP scientists focused on innovative strategies to combat the problem commonly known as Facial eczema.

The meeting included informative presentations by Dr Neriman Yilmaz and Ms. Jenna Lee Price, a dedicated PhD candidate, who explained the research objectives of the SILD programme with a particular focus on the fungus Pseudopithomyces chartarum and the mycotoxin Sporidesmin. In addition, Dr  Anthony Davis, Prof. Johan Steyl and Prof. Duncan Cromarty presented their remarkable findings on animal health aspects and shed light on this important topic. Dr Albert Myburg, who joined online from Australia, also shared his findings on the benefits of using satellite imagery for establishing a surveillance system.

This joint meeting at FABI is an important step in the fight against the challenges posed by SILD and promotes the sharing of knowledge and innovative approaches to mitigate the impact of this disease on animal health and agriculture. FABI is proud to continue to lead the way in addressing critical issues affecting our industry and our environment.