FABI and the Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology hosted a Plant Genomics and Evolution Symposium on 13 February. Organised by Prof. Eshchar Mizrachi, the programme featured numerous high-profile guest speakers including Dr Pamela Soltis, Dr Quentin Balfor, Dr Frederik Mortier, Dr Kenneth Oberlander, Dr Rose Marks, Makenzie Mabry, Prof. Doug Soltis, Dr Shane Murray as well as the University of Pretoria’s Prof. Dave Berger and PhD candidates Cassandra Schoeman and Richard Hay.

The symposium featured cutting-edge plant genomics and evolution research, including the impact of whole-genome duplication events, methodology for and utility of large numbers of herbaria specimens, the evolution of resurrection plants and wild relatives of crops, and advances in the genomic exploration of non-model species. 

Presentations included updates on advances on a number of South African endemic plant genome projects informing fundamental biology and evolution, ecology, biotechnology, horticulture and conservation. This symposium was supported by generous sponsorship from Diplomics.