In keeping with tradition, FABIans celebrated the first day of September with tea, cakes and other treats in the FABI courtyard. The annual Spring Day Tea is one of the most anticipated events on the FABI calendar.

 A banner above the entrance to the courtyard inscribed "Goodbye Winter, Welcome Spring" summed up the sentiments of many at the tea who looked forward to warmer and brighter days to come. Balloons, FABIans in floral prints, some native South African flowers and daffodils (for the Europeans in FABI!) from our FABI gardens added a splash of colour and a festive ambience to the courtyard.

 FABI Director Professor Mike Wingfield thanked the Social Club for organising the event and Esco Technologies (Pty) Ltd for sponsoring the delectable food. In appreciation of FABIans who had paid the annual social club fees, a lucky draw was held. Desre Pinard, Elrea AppelgrynDaniel Ali and Katrin Fitza bagged the prizes which included book vouchers, chocolate and biltong. The festivities ended with ice cream from an ice cream machine brought in for the event.