Seven papers including contributions from seven FABI authors were published last week as part of a Special Issue on the Biological Invasions of Insects in the journal Biological Invasions. First author papers included contributions from Prof. Mike Wingfield on insects and microbes as drivers of forest pestilence, from Dr. Jeff Garnas on the ecological, evolutionary and management consequences of complex global movement of invasive insects, and from Dr. Brett Hurley on the increasing rate of introduction of Eucalyptus pests.

Profs Bernard Slippers and Wilhelm de Beer, Dr Stephen Taerum, and Ms Samantha Bush also contributed as co-authors to the Special Issue, which emerged out of a workshop organized by the Center for Invasion Biology (CIB) at Stellenbosch University in November 2014. This productive and stimulating meeting featured international experts on insect invasion from around the world, including three FABI participants, 22 scientific presentations and a full day of brainstorming and discussion which resulted in 13 published research or review articles. 


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Fig. 1 from Hurley et al. 2016

Fig. 2 from Garnas et al. 2016

Fig. 3 from Wingfield et al. 2016