Three FABIans, Prof Bernard Slippers, Dr Irene Barnes and PhD candidate Arista Fourie had the opportunity to attend the ICPP Forest Pathology fieldtrip on New England forest pests and diseases on 28 July. The field trip was organised by Isabel Munck, Kevin Dodds, Paul Gregory, Ken Gooch, Bob Marra, Nick Brazee, Bill Livingston, Jeff Garnas (former FABI colleague) and Mike Simmons and included around 30 attendees. The trip started at the forest research station at Myles Standish State Park. Multiple stops were made on the trip and included forest areas containing white pine (Pinus strobus), pitch pine (Pinus rigida) and red pine (Pinus resinosa). White pine plantations revealed diseases such as white pine needle cast and Caliciopsis canker. Jeff Garnas provided an informative session on pitch pine infested with Southern Pine Beetle and their associated fungi as well as other invasive insect pests in the area. The trip ended in Cape Cod with an information session on the salt marshes and the current threats this ecosystem faces. Bob Marra and Nick Brazee demonstrated the use of sonic and electrical resistance tomography as a novel non-invasive approach to detect carbon loss and wood decay in trees. The trip was a perfect precursor to the two Forest Pathology sessions held during the ICPP meetings